Determine what kind of contact lens to get. This will depend on whether or not you have pre-existing problems with your vision. There are two different kinds of colored contacts: Prescription and Plano. Plano contact lenses are purely for cosmetic purposes. These contact lenses do not alter your vision in any way. 
Pick a color.

 You can either choose an everyday color that mimics the look of a natural eye, or spice up your halloween costume with patterned lenses.

  • Costume contact lenses come in all sorts of crazy colors and patterns like spirals, checkers, at-eyes, zebra, Xs, white-out, and even tie-dye!
Make an appointment with your optometrist. Both prescription and plano contact lenses are classified as medical devices by the FDA, and you will need to be given a prescription.

Ask your optometrist if colored contacts are right for you. Remember that not everybody can safely wear contacts, as it depends on the shape and health of your eye.
Your optometrist will give you proper instructions on how to insert and take care of your lenses to avoid damaging them and harming your eyes.

Keep your lenses clean. Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses, and keep your fingernails short to avoid scratching your eye when inserting them.

Insert your contact lenses before applying makeup. Similarly, you should remove the lenses before washing off your makeup. This will avoid getting any makeup on your lenses.

Don't share your contact lenses with others. Doing so can spread infections or particles from one eye to the other.
Clean and change your lenses regularly. Be sure to follow the instructions that have been given to you by your optometrist. Be sure to use new solution every time you store your contact lenses. Never reuse your solution.

Store your lenses in the proper case. Cases should be changed every three months.

Only keep your contacts in for as long as your eye-care professional has recommended. Overuse can cause damage to the eye over time.

Make sure you don't insert your lenses inside-out. Doing so won't damage your eyes, but may be uncomfortable. To make sure you are inserting it the right way, hold the contact lens on your finger and view it from the side to see which way it folds.
  • If the top edge of the lens flares out then it is inside out.
Be sure to take out your lenses before you go to sleep. Sleeping with contact lenses in your eye may cause irritation and dryness in the morning.

Remove the lenses if you experience pain or irritation. If you experience eye redness, stinging, burning, or pain, this is a sign that something is wrong. Remove your lenses and stop using your contacts until you have talked to your optometrist.